Working Papers

No. 26 Prices of Domestic Bank Stocks and External Shocks in East Asia (March 2010)
by Masahiro Inoguchi

No. 25 The Origin and Growth of Local Entrepreneurs in Auto Parts Industry in Thailand (December 2009)
by Yoko Ueda

No. 24 The US Tech Pulse, Stock Prices, and Exchange Rate Dynamics: Evidence from Asian developing countries (October 2009)
by Akihiro Kubo

No. 23 Foreign Direct Investment, Exports, and Economic Growth in South Asia and Selected Emerging Countries: A Multivariate VAR Analysis (August 2009)
by Adil Khan Miankhel, Shandre Mugan Thangavelu and Kaliappa Kalirajan

No. 22 Philippines' Competitiveness and Global Financial Meltdown: A Question of Japan's Role (June 2009)
by Shigeyuki Abe

No. 21 Economic Liberalization in India: Productivity and Learning-by-Export (January 2009)
by Sanja Samirana Pattnayak and Shandre M. Thangavelu

No. 20 The Impact of Material and Service Outsourcing on Employment in Thailand's Manufacturing Industries (December 2008)
by Aekapol Chongvilaivan and Shandre M. Thangavelu

No. 19 Central Bank Operating Procedures in Thailand and the Philippines (October 2008)
by Masahiro Inoguchi

No. 18 Fertility, Parental Education and Development in India: Evidence from NSS and NFHS in 1992-2006 (October 2008)
by Katsushi Imai and Takahiro Sato

No. 17 Bilateral Economic Relations between Australia and China: A Growing Trend (September 2008)
by Mahinda Siriwardana and Jinmei Yang

No. 16 Philippine Economic Development: A Turning Point? (September 2008)
by Kelly Bird and Hal Hill

No. 15 Making Economic Policy in Weak, Democratic, Post-Crisis States: An Indonesian Case Study (August 2008)
by Haryo Aswicahyono, Kelly Bird and Hal Hill

No. 14 Making Trade Policy in a New Democracy after a Deep Crisis: Indonesia (May 2008)
by Kelly Bird, Hal Hill and Sandy Cuthbertson

No. 13 Interbank Market, Stock Market and Bank Performance in East Asia (May 2008)
by Masahiro Inoguchi

No. 12 Indonesia's Changing Economic Geography (April 2008)
by Hal Hill, Budy Resosudarmo and Yogi Vidyattama

No. 11 The Political Economy of Government, Financial System, and the Chaebols before and after the 1997 Financial Crisis in Korea (April 2008)
by Joon-Kyun Kim and Chung H. Lee

No. 10 Sustainability of the Public Debt in India (January 2008)
by Takahiro Sato
(in Japanese)

No. 9 Thailand's Cross-border Trade in the Greater Mekong Subregion: Selected Social Issues (May 2007)
by Srawooth Paitoonpong

No. 8 Can Japan Afford to Exclude Agricultural Trade from an FTA with Australia: Some Preliminary Findings (May 2007)
by Mahinda Siriwardana

No. 7 GTAP Analysis of the effects of Australia-China FTA: Sectoral Aspects (May 2007)
by Mahinda Siriwardana and Jinmei Yang

No. 6 Singapore, India and Japan in the Framework of FTA/EPA Arrangement (May 2007)
by Shandre M. Thangavelu and Shigeyuki Abe

No. 5 Japan-Thailand EPA: Problems and Future (May 2007)
by Suthiphand Chirathivat

No. 4 Economic Effects of the Proposed Australia-China Free Trade Agreement (April 2007)
by Mahinda Siriwardana and Jinmei Yang

No. 3 The Rationality and Heterogeneity of Survey Forecasts of the Yen-Dollar Exchange Rate: A Reexamination (April 2007)
by Richard Cohen, Carl Bonham and Shigeyuki Abe

No. 2 Bank Loans and Real Estate in East Asia: The Influences of Real Estate Prices on Lending Behavior of Domestic Banks (April 2007)
by Masahiro Inoguchi

No. 1 Can Japan Dance with India? (April 2007)
by Shigeyuki Abe

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