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  • 2007/1/12 [Public Lecture] (Co-hosted with the Institute for Language and Culture)
    Prof. Kim Young Min, Yonsei University
    "Development of Modern Novels in Korea"

  • 2006/11/24 [Public Lecture] (Co-hosted with Institute for Language and Culture)
    Prof. Lee Yeounsuk, Hitotsubashi University
    "Publicness of Language and the Nation State"

  • 2006/11/13 [Public Lecture] (Co-hosted with Faculty of Policy Studies)
    Prof. Sayuri Shirai, Keio University
    "Global Economic Disparity and the Role of Development Assistance"

  • 2006/10/28 [Public Lecture]
    Prof. Wing Thye Woo, The Brookings Institute
    Dr. Chalongphob Sussangkarn, Thailand Development Research Institute
    Prof. Michael G. Plummer, The Johns Hopskins University
    "Asian Economic Integration"

  • 2006/10/27-28 [Conference] (Co-hosted with Kyoto University)
    JSPS Core University Program Conference 2006
    "Emerging Developments in East Asia FTA/EPAs"

  • 2006/7/5 [Public Lecture] (Co-hosted with Faculty of Policy Studies)
    Prof. James Roumasset, University of Hawaii
    "Coasean Development Economics"

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  • 2005/11/25 [Public Lecture]
    His Excellency, Mr. Ra Jong-Yil, the Korean Ambassador to Japan
    "Korea-Japan Relationship and East Asian Cooperation"

  • 2005/11/11-13 [International Workshop] (Co-hosted with East Asian Historic Forum)
    "Historical Forum for Criticism and Partnership in East Asia"

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Other Announcements (For your information)

  • [International Conference]
    18th Biennial Conference of The Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA Conference 2010), "Crisis and Opportunities: Past, Present and Future," (University of Adelaide, Australia, 2010/7/5-8)

  • [International Conference]
    Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) Business Conference (Tokyo, Japan, 2009/8/6-9)

  • [International Conference]
    2009 Far East and South Asia Meeting of the Econometric Society (Tokyo, Japan, 2009/8/3-5)

  • [International Conference]
    "Credit Markets, Credit Institutions and Macroeconomic Volatility," The 7th INFINITI Conference on International Finance (Dublin, Ireland, 2009/6/8-9)

  • [International Conference]
    "Bringing Sustainable Development Down to Earth," 3rd Global Warming and Climate Change Conference & Industry Exposition (GWCCN 09) (London, United Kingdom, 2009/5/8-12)

  • [International Conference]
    "2009 Pacific Rim Conference," Western Economic Association International (Kyoto, 2009/3/24-27)

  • [International Conference]
    "Public-Private Partnerships in Development" (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2009/1/15-16)

  • [International Conference]
    "East and West Asia Trade and Economnic Relations: Opportunities, Challenges and Outcomes," The 7th APEF International Conference (Isfahan, Iran, 2008/11/3-5)

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