International Conference
The 26th Conference of the American Committee for Asian Economic Studies (ACAES)
"Asia after the Crisis"
March 5 - March 6, 2010
Kambai-kan Hall, Doshisha University

Jointly Organized with
Center for Contemporary Asian Studies (CCAS)
Doshisha University



Friday, March 5


Welcoming Remarks by President of Doshisha University
Eiji Hatta
President, Doshisha University

Opening Remarks by Organizers
Michael G. Plummer
Head, Development Division, OECD, and President, ACAES
Shigeyuki Abe
Director, CCAS, Doshisha University and ACAES

The Crisis and Northeast Asia
Chair: Chung Lee, University of Hawai’i and ACAES

*Hyun Son, Asian Development Bank
How Has Asia Fared in the Global Crisis? A Tale of Three Countries: Republic of Korea, Philippines, and Thailand”(PPT)

*Keun Lee (Seoul National University), Ginil Kim, Hong Kee Kim, and Hon-Sun Song
A New Macro-Financial System for a Stable and Crisis-resilient Growth in Korea"(PPT)

*Masumi Kishi, Chuo University and ACAES
Financial reforms for East Asian cooperation: focusing on the cases in Japan and China” (PPT)

Coffee Break

The Crisis and East Asia I
Chair, Kuen Lee, Seoul National University

*Yoshinori Shimizu, Hitotsubashi University
Financial Regulations and the Role of Asia after the Crisis” (PPT)

*Seema Narayan (RMIT University), Paresh Kumar Narayan and Xinwei Zheng
Did the US Macroeconomic Conditions Affect Asian Stock Markets?” (PPT)

*Terutomo Ozawa, Colorado State University and ACAES
Global Imbalances' as a Structural Feature of Capitalist Growth: From a Flying-Geese Theoretic Perspective" (PPT)

(Working lunch at Small Conference Room for Board Members)

The Crisis and East Asia II
Chair, Reid Click, George Washington University and ACAES

*Aekapol Chongvilaivan, ISEAS
"Global Financial Crisis and Growth Prospects in Asia-Pacific: A Sectoral Analysis" (PPT)

*Sumner LaCroix, University of Hawai’I
Crisis, Risk, and Reform: Institutional Change in Asia After the Crisis” (PPT)

*Kazutomo Abe (Tokyo Denki University) and John S. Wilson
Weathering the Storm: Investing in Port Infrastructure to Lower Trade Costs in East Asia” (PPT)

*Shailendra Kumar Rai, Management Development Institute
"Financial Crisis and Bond Market Development in Asia: A Case Study of India and South East Asian Countries" (PPT)

Coffee Break

Keynote Speech
M. Jan Dutta, Rutgers University (ACAES)
The Asian Economy and Asian Money

Chair: Michael G. Plummer, OECD and ACAES

Reception, The Second House,7th Floor, Kanbai-kan, Doshisha University


Saturday, March 6

The Crisis and Southeast Asia
Chair, Wisarn Pupphavesa, TDRI

*Chyau Tuan and Linda Ng, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Beyond the Financial Crisis: Reflections on the Evolution of the Hong Kong Economy” (PPT)

*Suthiphand Chirathivat and Sothitorn Mallikamas, Chulalongkorn University
"Thailand's Economic Performance and Responses to the Global Crisis" (PPT)

*Yuniarto Hadiwibowo, University of Hiroshima
"After Two Crises: The Case of Indonesia" (PPT)

Coffee Break

Growth Rebalancing: Asia's Post-Global Financial Crisis Agenda (Special Session)
Chair, Shigeyuki Abe, Doshisha University and ACAES

* Shinji Takagi (Osaka University) and Masahiro Kawai
Global Financial Crisis: Macroeconomic Policy Issues For Asia” (PPT)

* Willem Thorbecke, Biswa Nath Bhattacharyay, Hank Lim, Gloria Pasadilla, and Anbumozhi Venkatachalam, ADBI/ADB
Rebalancing Production” (PPT)

* David G Mayes, Peter J Morgan and Hank Lim Peter Morgan, ADB Institute
Deepening the Financial System” (PPT)


Parallel Sessions

A. Factor Flows
Chair, Masayuki Hara, Kobe University

*Eric Ramstetter and Shahrazat Binti Haji Ahmad, ICSEAD
Economic Downturns and Foreign Multinationals in Asian Manufacturing

*James Vere, Hong Kong University
Special Topic Enquiry on Earnings Mobility” (PPT)

*Satoshi Inomata, Bo Meng and Yoko Uchida, IDE.
Asia Beyond the Crisis: Visions from International Input-Output Analyses” (PPT)

*Niny Khor, Asian Development Bank
Enterprises in Asia: Fostering Dynamism in SMEs” (PPT)

B. Macroeconomic Issues I
Chair, Peter Morgan, ADB Institute

*Andrew Sheng, Kianteng Kwek(University of Malaya), and Cho-Wai Cho
Effect of Currency Movements in Exchange Rate Regimes” (PPT)

*Masahiro Inoguchi, Kyoto Sangyo University
Stock Prices in Domestic Banking Sector and External Shocks in East Asia” (PPT)

*Nadia Doytch (University of New Haven), Bingjie Hu and Ronald U. Mendoza
Social Spending, Fiscal Space and Governance: An Analysis of Patterns over the Business Cycle” (PPT)

*Pradumna Bickram Rana, Tianyin Cheng and Wai-Mun Chia (Nanyang Technological University)
Trade Intensity and Business Cycle Synchronization: East Asia Versus Europe” (PPT)

Coffee Break

Parallel Sessions

A. Regional Economic Integration
Chair, Shoko Negishi, Doshisha University

*Hiro Lee (Osaka University) and Michael G. Plummer
General Equilibrium Estimates on Potential Effects of the ASEAN Economic Community” (PPT)

*Saleem Khan, Bloomsburg University and ACAES
"Institutions, Resource Allocations, and Economic Change: a South Asian Perspective" (PPT)

*Akihiro Kubo, Osaka City University
The US Tech Pulse, Stock Prices, and Exchange Rate Dynamics: Evidence from Asian Developing Countries” (PPT)

B. Macroeconomic Issues II
Chair, Sumner LaCroix, University of Hawaii at Manoa

*Hak Pyo, Seoul National University
A Comparative Perspective on Two Financial Crises in Korea”(PPT)

* Kaoru Hosono, Gakushuin University
Financial Crisis, Firm Dynamics, and Aggregate Productivity in Japan“ (PPT)

*Takamitsu Kurita, Fukuoka University
Empirical Modelling of Japan's Markup and Inflation, 1976-2000” (PPT)

Keynote Speech
Masahiro Kawai, ADB Institute
“Structural reforms for Asia's growth rebalancing" (PPT)

Chair: Chung Lee, University of Hawai’i and ACAES

Closing Speech
Shigeyuki Abe, Doshisha University


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