Japan-Korea International Seminar
"Japan-Korea Relationship in the 21st Century"
on Monday, August 18, 2008 10:30am-1:00pm
at Kambaikan Hall (6th floor, Kambaikan), Doshisha University

co-hosted with:
Center for Contemporary Asian Studies, Doshisha Business School, Doshisha Social Studies Association and
The University of Seoul

<Opening Speeches>
Prof. Tsuyoshi Ujigo, Doshisha University
Prof. Kwak, Tae Woon, President, The University of Seoul

Prof. Kang, Chul Kyu, The University of Seoul

Prof. Ahn, Doo Soon, The University of Seoul
"Korean Economy: 10 years before and after the Crisis"

Prof. Yun, Chang Hyun, The University of Seoul
"Capital Market Strategy in Korea and Japan"

Prof. Lee Sun Ho, The University of Seoul
"LifeStyle of 14-29 Korean Cellular Phone Consumers"

Prof. Mitsuo Ishida, Doshisha University
"Personnel-Management Reform in Japan"(in Japanese)

Prof. Hiroshige Hayashi, Doshisha University
"Global Competition between Japanese and Korean Automobile Companies"

Prof. Shigeyuki Abe, Doshisha University
"Japan's Strategy for Economic Integration in East Asia"


Program (in Japanese)

Reference: Newspaper Article by Prof. Hiroshige Hayashi (in Japanese)

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