CCAS Public Lecture
"Asian Economic Integration"
on Saturday, October 28, 2006 2:00pm-4:00pm
at Rinkokan 204, Doshisha University

<Panel Members>
Prof. Wing Thye Woo, The Brookings Institution
Dr. Chalongphob Sussangkarn, Thailand Development Research Institute
Prof. Michael G. Plummer, The Johns Hopkins University

Prof. Shigeyuki Abe, Doshisha University

The first CCAS Lecture of 2006 was held on October 28, 2006. This lecture was timely, given the many important events that had taken place in Asia in the preceding months.

After the coup d'etat in Thailand in September 2006, North Korea claimed to have completed a successful nuclear test in October Together, these incidents served to remind the international community of security issues in Asia. As is well known, the most successful example of economic integration, i.e., EU, had its origins in questions of environment. Bearing in mind the strong bonds in Europe and North America created by the EU and NAFTA resepectively, in Asia there is something of a vacuum with regard to economic integration. Asian countries finally started to adiscuss the ASEAN Economic Community in December 2005. This is vital for Asia to succed in terms of economic integration, and as a region we cannot turn back once we step forward on the parth of economic integration.

The three expertises on the panel lectured on the issues of Asian economic integration and possible future scenarios from their respective viewpoints. Prof. Woo reviewd the EU case historically, and gave hints for the success of Asian economic integration. Dr. Sussangkarn reported mainly on financial cooperation exemplified by the Chiang Mai Initiative and the Asia Bond Market. Finally, Prof. Plummer discussed approaches for AEC by surveying successes and failures in the EU experience.

All the participants at the lecture were impressed by the fluent persuasive argumetns of these prominent scholars on issues of such contemporary importance. The standard of debate in the Question and Answer session which followed demonstrated the sucess of these lectures.

Powerpoint Presentations(pdf)
Prof. Wing Thye Woo, "Scenarios of Asian Economic Integration from the Northeast Asian Situation"
Dr. Chalongphob Sussangkarn, "Directions of East Asian Regional Financial Cooperation"
Prof. Michael G. Plummer, "East Asian Economic Integration and Europe: Can ASEAN Learn from the EU?"

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