Deputy Director, Center for Contemporary Asian Studies, Doshisha University
Associate Professor, Faculty of Policy Studies, Doshisha University

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  • "Public Policies under Globalization," International Seminar, Osaka School of International Public Policy (February 2007)
  • "Report on Japanese Manufacturers' Overseas Business Operations - FY 2005 Survey: Outlook for Japanese Foreign Direct Investment," Debriefing Session (November 2006)
  • 10th International Convention of the East Asian Economic Association(China, 2006)
  • "Investment Climate and External Finance in East Asia: What Really Matters?", The Asian Economic Panel Meeting (Seoul, March 2006)
  • "Roles and Impacts of Foreign Direct Investment in East Asia and Other Developing Countries." The Expert Meeting for Global Development Finance 2006: The Development Potential of Surging Capital Flows (Washington, D.C., July 2005)
  • "Direct Investment in East Asia," Regular meeting, JBIC Institute (July 2005)
  • "External Finance in Developing Countries and the Japanese Economy," The Review Meeting for Global Development Finance 2005: Mobilizing Finance and Managing Vulnerability (April 2005).

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  • Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists B [15730136] 2003-2005 (Principal investigator)

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  • "The New Trend in Global Business Activities (Comment)," "Foreign Direct Investment (Comment),"Public Policies under Globalization(Proceedings), Osaka School of International Public Policy , 2007 (in Japanese).
  • "The Foreign Investment Strategies of Japan and the World: FTAs/EPAs and the Investment Environment," Future Business Expansion for Japanese Manufacturers, JBIC, 2007 (in Japanese).
  • "The Investment Climate and External Finance in East Asia: What Really Matters?" Asian Economic Papers, Vol. 6(1), MIT Press, Mass., 2007.
  • "The Financial Possibilities of FTAs," Kansai Tomorrow 06-04, KISER, September 2006 (in Japanese).

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Academic Associations

  • East Asian Economic Association
  • Japan Association for Asian Studies
  • Japanese Economic Association

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